Beware of Immigration Scammers

Beware of Immigration Scammers

On November 20, President Barack Obama announced new policies that could relieve millions of people from potential deportation. Most of these policies go into effect in 2015; however, immigration attorneys and advocates are warning those who might seek such relief of potential scammers.

Scammers have time between the announcement and the enacting of these policies to create elaborate scams that could include incredibly high fees, forms filled out incorrectly, sent in late, or not at all, and other forms of fraud that could lead undocumented immigrants to great costs and possible risk of deportation. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, undocumented immigrants should seek out an accredited attorney or nonprofit organizations who help undocumented immigrants seek the help they need.

Unfortunately, there may be many who have already been victims of such scams. For those who have been victims, information can be found at the Stop Notario Fraud website, a project created by the AILA and the American Bar Association. It’s also important to seek out the counsel of an experienced immigration attorney.

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