E-Verify System Still has Bugs

E-Verify System Still has Bugs

E-VerifyThe Orlando Sentinel reported recently that the system both Congress and the President direct employers to use called E-Verify to combat the hiring of illegal immigrants, is actually failing to identify over half of the unauthorized workers it checks, a research company named Westat has found.

The research company found that E-Verify failed to detect so many illegal workers mainly because the system is not set up to detect identity fraud.

The President and his administration since assuming office, has made efforts to identify, apprehend, and sanction employers who knowingly hire individuals who are unauthorized to work.  Some Congressional insiders have said that some in Congress sponsor legislation in the next few weeks to make E-Verify mandatory for all employers, not just federal government employers.

E-Verify is a great concept to help combat immigration fraud and ensuring unauthorized workers are discovered.  However, the government must do everything possible to ensure that E-Verify works properly so that our nation’s security and laws are upheld.

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