U.S. & Cuba Immigration Talks Resume Amid a High Level of Mistrust

U.S. & Cuba Immigration Talks Resume Amid a High Level of Mistrust

cubans fleeingThe New York Times reported today that a meeting is scheduled today for the two governments to discuss ways to to reduce the immigration of Cuban nationals fleeing the island and endangering their lives at sea to reach the U.S.

The last time U.S. diplomats traveled to Cuba about 5 months ago for these talks, they felt that the outcome was the most significant in a long time.  However, U.S. and Cuba relations remain strained.

Since the last talks, a U.S. government contractor was arrested in Cuba on December 3, 2009 by the Cuban authorities who alleged him as being a spy for supplying communication equipment to members of the country’s Jewish community.  He is still detained without formal charges filed.

In November 2009, U.S. State Department officials expressed their concerns after learning that Cuban security officials detained a blogger who posted responses to questions that President Obama himself answered on her website which upset Cuban officials because of her alleged violation of their communications laws.  The Cuban government tightly controls the media and the internet.

According to the article, Cuban leaders have been recently been very critical of President Obama in general and particularly, his statements about Cuba being included on the U.S. State Department’s list of countries that are state sponsors of terrorism.

In light of the aforementioned events, there is no question that the level of mistrust between the two governments would be high.  However, the whole point of diplomacy is so that nations could come to a mutual understanding, make certain concessions or small changes in policy to achieve that understanding while respecting eachother’s soverignty to achieve the ultimate goal of peace and security.

Therefore, in the hopes that if the two governments can come to an agreement on the immigration talks plus, take steps to resolve some of their differences, then the level of mistrust should be lowered.

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