USICE Begins Nationwide Audit to Inspect Hiring Records

USICE Begins Nationwide Audit to Inspect Hiring Records

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) has just launched a new audit initiative beginning this month by issuing Notices of Inspection (NOI’s) to 652 businesses nationwide.

The NOI’s are meant to alert business owners that the USICE will be inspecting their hiring records to determine whether or not they are complying with the immigration laws concerning employment eligibility verification.

This new initiative stems from the USICE’s internal enforcement of the immigration laws by holding employers accountable for their hiring practices and efforts to ensure that workers are legally authorized to work in the United States.

When an employer receives an NOI, the USICE demands the surrender of their I-9 forms within three days. In this short timeframe, employers would have to ensure that all of their I-9’s are in compliance.

Being in compliance means that employers must ensure that there are I-9’s for all employees hired after November 6, 1986, that they are fully completed and signed by both the employee and the employer, and that expired documents are updated. Updates and corrections need to be initialed and dated.

This stepped up enforcement has only just begun. An employer should be proactive and conduct internal audits to ensure that policies are in place and to uncover potential liability such as identity theft and the  use of fraudulent documents.  Additionally, employers should implement policies to ensure that the I-9’s are filed out completely and most importantly, take corrective action to ensure that the hire or the continued employment of unauthorized workers is remedied.

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