Work in America

Work in America

In order to work in the United States you must have authorization from the USCIS.

Work authorization comes in a variety of forms and the form that is appropriate in your case will depend on several factors, including, but not limited to, your level of education, the type of skills you possess and the U.S. demand for workers in your field.

Generally, the first step is to find a job. Employment-based visas require evidence of a job offer before an application or petition may be filed.

For more information on the various types of work visas consult the chart below:

Do you have a four year college degree or the work equivalent of a college degree? H-1B Visa
Do you manage a foreign business and are being transferred to the U.S. to start up or manage an affiliate of that business or will you be investing in a U.S. business? L VisaE Visas
Will you be working in a permanent position for which there is a shortage of U.S. workers? Labor Certification (PERM)
Are you a Canadian or Mexican National with professional skills? TN Visa
Are you an athelete or creative artist and/or do you have exceptional or extraordinary skills that are of interest to the United States? National Interest; O Visa; P Visa

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